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Journeying through Retirement - Looking Ahead

 As we advance in years, we all probably hope to:

  • Continue to live independently.

  • Maintain and secure our property to good standard.

  • Employ trustworthy local trades people to tackle the tasks we cannot undertake ourselves.

  • Keep our financial affairs in good order and perhaps consider who might legally be 
    able to take on that responsibility on our behalf, if required.

  • Be up to date on what practical support might be available, if needed, at a local level.

  • Take advantage of any help which the State is able to provide financially –  
    if applicable to our own personal circumstances.

  • Ensure at life’s end our personal wishes are legally detailed.

What if?

  • Our health prevents us from living independently and an alternative has 
    to be considered.

  • We cannot maintain and secure our property in good order.

  • We are unsure which local trades people to employ to tackle the tasks we 
    cannot undertake ourselves.

  • We need someone to legally take on looking after our financial affairs.

  • We do not know how to access practical support at a local level.

  • The benefit system needs to be explained more fully to us.

  • Our personal wishes at life’s end have not been legally framed or possibly 
    even thought about.


How can we help you?

There is a wealth of information publicly available so that you can make personal choices.

While the Church is unable to give advice in these specialist areas, our Elderly Care Liaison
team can help to put you in touch with the sources of information in the various fields
relating to our later lives. 

Please contact us in confidence. lookingahead@stpaulscrofton.co.uk


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