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PCC Discussions

Church Interior Development Committee
Discussions on the replacement of the pews with chairs

Seating Update (August 2016)

Ed Boyden and Mark Lynds presented an update to the church on the  outcome of visits to other churches, the research questionaire and further discussions from their presentation to the last PPC meeting.


Discussion Outline


Layout Ideas

Walk through video


Discussion Outline

Click link below to download a PDF of the outline of this meeting. Download pdf


These are some of the topics discussed at this meeting.

Layout Ideas

Images below demonstrate how the chairs would give the church various layout options for different events.


Layout Ideas - Option 1 

Single centre aisle chair layout with wooden chairs with wooden floor



Layout Ideas - Option 2

Single centre aisle chair layout with wooden chairs with carpet



Layout Ideas - Option 3

Centre aisle chair mixed layout with space for wheelchair and pushchairs, tables and chair with back row for parents to sit with their children with wooden chairs with wooden floor.




Layout Ideas - Option 4

Café style chair layout with wooden chairs with wooden floor.




Layout Ideas - Option 5

Alternative 2 aisle chair layout with wooden chairs with wooden floor.



Walk through video



Seating [UPDATE 1] - click here (February 2016)