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Freedom in Christ Course

Make fruitful disciples (not just converts)

Frustrated that so many Christians fail to reach their potential? Looking for a great way to help
new Christians get off to a flying start? Want a course to follow Alpha or Christianity Explored?

The award-winning Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course is a proven and effective way for
churches to help Christians become fruitful disciples. It's been used by over 150,000 people
in the UK.

LIVE out your new identity in Christ
BREAK through your spiritual maturity
UNCOVER strongholds and deceptions
RESOLVE issue from the past
BECOME a genuinely fruitful disciples
Freedom in Christ (FIC) discipleship course

2011 saw the rollout of a new discipleship course at St Paul’s, Freedom in Christ (FIC)
spearheaded by Bill London. For some time we had been looking for a course for Christians
to help them find their spiritual freedom in Christ – release from personal and spiritual
conflicts, freedom from sin and the negative programming of your past, freedom from
the damaging effects of guilt and unforgiveness. Trialled in two housegroups initially and
then a church-based course, the FIC course (and the Steps to FIC at the heart of it have)
resulted in these responses on the FIC testimony page:


Check out the Freedom in Christ Testimonies page,
by selectin
the 'FIC Testimonies' link in the side menu 

Impressed? If you’d like to know when the next Freedom in Christ course is, please contact
the Church Office on 01689 850697 or email paula.lynds@stpaulscrofton.co.uk

If enough people ask we’ll put on an extra course!

Why not indicate your interest by downloading this PDF booking form and sending back to church office. As Steve Goss, Director (FIC), says the Steps to Freedom in Christ (within the main course) is a wonderfully refreshing spiritual check-up for every Christian used on a regular basis; it clears away the spiritual cobwebs and helps you connect with Jesus.