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On this page, you will find a range of options designed to keep the church family connected while our St Paul's building is closed due to the Coronavirus situation. We will update and add to these options during the coming weeks so we would encourage you to come back to this page to see what’s available, not just on Sundays but throughout the week.

PUSH Online

As we can no longer meet at Church, PUSH has moved online. See below for various activities for PUSH (11-13) and PUSH Plus (14-18) throughout the week. For more info contact Mark or Mandy email

PUSH (11-13)

Monday Take 45@Home

This is an extended version  of our 'Take 5' that we run on a Friday Club night and as well as watching a short video, we have time for discussion and to consider how we can apply what we have watched and the teaching of the bible to our everyday lockdown lives.

Friday Gathering

This is more like a club night online, with time to catch up on what we've all been up to and to play some games together.

PUSH PLUS (14-18)

Tuesday West Watch@Home

This is a cell group style session, where we might watch videos, chat and discuss the bible, and see how it applies to our lives today.

Sunday Afternoon Social

This is our time to catch up, play some games and enjoy each others company, but without the uni-hoc (and bruises!).


Praise Party!

Join us for a time of praise and worship on zoom, selected Wednesdays 4.30 pm - 5 pm.  All Junior Church children (and parents/carers) are welcome!

For login details or more information, email or contact Helen.


We also have Zoom meet ups for different age groups, which involve a mixture of songs, games, stories, and getting creative.

Bubbles and Splash (School Year 3 and under)

Meet monthly on Wednesdays 4.30pm-5pm.  Watch out for upcoming dates!

X-Stream (School Year 4-6)

Meet monthly on Fridays 4.30pm-5pm.  Watch out for upcoming dates!


Join us Sunday mornings at 10.15am in the Church Hall or online via Zoom for our Family Church, short all-age, interactive service. This takes the place of our pre-recorded all-age stream, which is available on YouTube. Please see below for previous activities!


This Sunday is an all age service, where we stay together to worship God as a whole Church family. We are continuing in Genesis 24 with the story of Abraham's servant following God's guidance.

Catching from God

Abraham's servant has a very important task to do, but God is with him and guides him.  In Matthew 11, Jesus tells us that his yoke is easy, he gives us rest and we can learn from him.  We are not left to do things on our own.

Spend time now catching from God.  God communicates to us in so many different ways, and we can practice to learn to hear his voice.  Draw a person outline and then add onto the body some of the different ways we can catch from God.  What other ways can you think of?  Remember, that it is always going to be something good because God is good!

Decorate your person as well!  And make sure you write down what God is sharing with you, what you are catching from God, to help you remember.

Word Challenges

Use the letters from this verse “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest" to see how many other words you can make.  What is the longest word you can make in total?  How many different words can you make without repeating any of the letters?  Have fun setting yourself some different challenges as well.

Perhaps you may like to find an object that starts with the same letter as each of the words in the verse above (e.g. c, t, m, a, y, w, a ...)

Or if you would like to find more words, on the second page there is a word search for you to complete.  You can download here!


This Sunday we are continuing with the story of Abraham in Genesis 22 and are thinking about how we worship God.

Thank You Banner

Being thankful is an important part of our worship to God.  Make a thank you banner and fill it with all the things that you are thankful for.  Put it on your bed or in your room and use as you worship and chat to God.

You can make your own banner or use our template here.


Have fun playing pictionary at home.  Get creative with what you draw... dinosaur on roller skates anyone?

To make it harder, have one person describe the picture for someone else to draw!


This Sunday we are following the story of Abraham in Genesis 21 and are thinking about how we are all equal, valuable and loved by God.

Lego Bible

Use lego (or other toys) to retell your favourite Bible stories.

Have fun recording them or using stop animation to recreate your story.  Or maybe draw as a cartoon instead?

Play Your Cards Right

Shuffle a pack of cards and play your card right!  Turn over one card at a time and guess if the next card is going to be higher or lower than the one on display.  Ace is the highest card and two is the lowest card.  Remember, you don't get anything for a pair!

See how many cards you can guess correctly in a row.  Or turn it into a competition, with different rows of cards for different people.  Who can get to the end of their row correctly first?

Kingdom of God

We (every human being) is made in the image and likeness of God.  We are valuable, precious and loved by God.  We get to share God's love with those around us through our words and actions.  How can you show others God's love for them today?

We are all different to each other in different ways but we are all the same to God.  When someone is treated differently, when there is injustice, this is not part of God's kingdom.  We can bring God's kingdom of love and justice to where we are.


This Sunday we are staying altogether on youtube for our all age service - worshipping God together as his family. Join us for worship, Bible reading, talk and prayers. Get active, get creative and get building!

Thank you Card

Make a thank you card for God!  Fill it with all your thanks and praise and worship.

Build a Tower

Grab some building bricks (lego, duplo, mega bloks, jenga, dominoes!) and build a tower of praise and thanks.  As you add a layer, give a shout of praise to God.  Or think about how he is at work in your life, how he shows you his love and goodness, and give thanks for everything that comes to mind.

Prayer Bricks

Make your own prayer bricks.  Fill them with who and what you are praying off.  Keep using them as you pray and chat to God.  Remember to add in your thanks too!


It is Trinity Sunday! Join us in our all age stream as we think about all things three and Jesus' great commission to his disciples (who are us!) We are sent by Jesus, the Son to show God the Father by the power of the Holy Spirit!

Cards and Cakes

Jesus sends out his disciples into the world to make more disciples, by telling people all about God (Matthew 28v16-20).

We get to show God to others through both our words and actions.  Why not make a card to send to someone - a friend, neighbour, family member or someone from Church?  Use it to let them know that you are thinking about them and share God's love with them.

If they live nearby, why not take some fairy cakes or biscuits to them at the same time as you deliver the card?

Every contact leaves a trace of God's grace!

Domino Run

Every contact leaves a trace of God's grace.  Just like in a domino run as one domino has a knock on effect to the next domino, our actions have a knock on effect on others and we can use this to spread the good news of Jesus and God's love.

Make a domino run at home and think about this as you watch it go!  If you don't have any dominoes, get creative with what you do have.  Maybe make a marble run instead and see if you can get the marbles to knock each other through the run.

Let us know how you get on!  And remember to send us your pictures and videos.


Prayer Challenge

You are challenged to record a short prayer, which we will use in our All Age Service on Sunday 14th June.  Make a brick (A4 paper folded in four lengthways) or use our template here.  Write who you are praying for on it and decorate your brick.

Take a landscape video of your head and shoulders, saying 'I am/we are praying for ... because ... (one sentence)' e.g. 'I am praying for my teacher because they have continued to help me learn'.  Multiple people from the same family can be in the same video and with different prayers.

Please send your videos to us by Wednesday 10th June either by email or whatsapp, along with a photo of your prayer brick.


This Sunday is Pentecost! Join in the all age stream as we go around the world in our quiz, spend time worshipping God and thinking about why Pentecost is so important.

Flame Dove

Download a flame dove here or create your own.  Colour and decorate it and then join with others around the diocese by putting it in your window, maybe next to a rainbow!

You may like to colour your dove during our reflection time in the all age stream as we catch from God.

Flame Hat

When Holy Spirit came in power, it was like flames or tongues of fire appeared and settled on the disciples.  Make your own flame hat to think about Holy Spirit being in us too.

To do this, make a headband from strips of paper and stick together.  Then cut out a flame shape on either coloured paper or colour one in and stick in the middle of your headband.  Use the template here if you would like.


Fruit of the Spirit

When Holy Spirit came and filled the disciples, he made them bold, gave them gifts to do the same things as Jesus, and produces fruit so they can be like Jesus too.  Full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.  Holy Spirit gives each of us these things as well!

Look for the fruit of the Spirit hiding in this word search.  Can you find them all?


This Sunday we are celebrating Ascension Day, when Jesus ascended into heaven. Try out our different Ascension Day challenges and activities.

Ascension Challenges

Have a go at some of our ascension challenges including making a paper aeroplane, seeing what you can do in between throwing and catching a ball, and can you bounce a ball under your legs?

For more suggestions, click below.

Remember to take a pic or video of you doing them and then send it to us!  We would love to see what you can do.

Lava Lamp

After you have been busy outside completing our challenges, why not try something a little quiet and make your own lava lamp?

Watch the bubbles ascend and descend and think about Jesus as he ascended into heaven.

We can use the lamps as part of our prayers too.



Mountains are very special places in the Bible.  Moses spent 40 days on Mount Sinai chatting to God and receiving the 10 Commandments and the Law.  Take our quiz to unscramble the different mountain names and then read the passages in a Bible to find out what happened on each mountain.

There is one bonus verse from Revelation.  While the mountain isn't named, it is a great description of heaven.


This Sunday we are staying altogether on youtube for our all age service - worshipping God together as his family. Join us for worship, Bible reading, talk and prayers. Get active, creative and involved! See below for some activities you can do as part of our worship together. We also have a Zoom coffee after Church for any Junior Church parents and carers. Please contact us for log in details

Prepare a place

Jesus has gone ahead of us to prepare a place for us.  Grab some paper and pens and spend time chatting to God about what you place may look like.

See what things come to mind!  Or maybe think about your favourite place and chat to God about that - What is it that makes it your favourite place?

Following in Jesus' Footprints

In John 14v12, Jesus declares that the one who believes in him (that's us!!) will do the works that he does and in fact will do greater works than these!

Draw round your foot, or download and print our footprint below, and fill it with actions that you can do like Jesus.  Jesus tells us that when we see him, we see the Father.  We can show people God by our actions and words too.  Remember that Holy Spirit is within us and nothing is impossible for him!

Traffic Light

Make a traffic light to remember to ‘Stop and listen to God’, ‘Slow, make time for God’ and ‘Go God’s way everyday’.

There are lots of different ways that you can make your traffic light.  You can download and colour our template or cut out the circles and stick onto paper.  You can draw your own or get busy using junk modelling and perhaps even paint to create your traffic light.  For further instructions and templates, please click on picture below!

Who's the Leader?

It has been a little while since we have seen each other in person and some of our leaders are looking a little different!

See if you can work out who is who during our quiz as part of the all age stream.

Seriously Surprising Story

For our story this week, we are watching Bible Society's video The Seriously Surprising Story.  On their website, they have an adventure trail which you can download and complete, alongside lots of other great stuff!

Check it out by clicking here.

Superhero Emblem

People recognised who Jesus was by what he did.  As God's children, we can do the same things as Jesus!  Download a superhero emblem below or create your own.  Colour it in, decorate it and cover it with declarations about who you are and what amazing things you can do with Holy Spirit.

True or False?

Try our true or false quiz.  Questions will be asked during our all age live stream.  How many interesting facts do you know or do you have some doubts?

Name the disciples

Download the disciple picture below to colour in.  How many of the disciples can you name?  Listen to our all age stream to help you find out who's who!

Make a boat challenge

You are challenged to make a boat at home.  What will you use?  Recycling items, paper, card, cork?  Get creative and send us your boats.  Then put them in some water and blow.  Even though we don't see the wind or our breath, we know that it is there.  The same is true for God!



Get involved in the action songs jump around, use the shakers you have either prepared or make during the service.

During the reading

Bubbles (5 years and under)

There is a phonics based Bible reading that you can print from picture below and do with your child.

Splash (Year 1-3)

You get to play Bible Bingo with the online reading.  Download the sheets from picture below and compete against a sibling or a parent.

X-Stream (Year 4-6)

There is a code hidden in our reading today.  Listen carefully to the reading online and see if you can break the code.  Download from picture below.

Extra things to do

If there is part of the service that you need something more for your child to do, you can either undertake an Easter garden with a food container and things from your garden. See our video how to guide for preparation. You can also download an Easter story egg.

Easter Story Egg

Draw your own Easter garden or part of the Easter story or filled with your praise, worship or prayers.

Easter Garden

Make your very own Easter garden with Mark.

So in short, dance your socks off in worship, engage with the word of God and send us photos of how creative you have been in your worship. Church is not just for Sunday!  If you would like to engage with other families or home groups, let us know and we can organise online meet ups. We have lots of groups meeting for all ages so if you want to find out more speak to one of the Youth & Children’s Team.


As part of our worship on palm Sunday we created palm leaves. 

Morning Service

On Good Friday morning at 9:30 am, click the YouTube logo for a very short all age service.

For this, you will need some bread or cracker or biscuit and a drink of ribena or juice or some grapes. We will also be decorating rainbows as part of our service.  You can print out a picture below or draw your own on some paper. Add a cross to the middle of your picture too and make sure that you have pens or pencils ready!

God keeps His promises

Click the rainbow image below to print out and decorate the rainbow for Good Friday, reminding us that God always keeps his promises.

It is not Easter without Hot Cross Buns!

Check out our video with Angelika below of how to make your own


As part of our worship on palm Sunday we created palm leaves. 

Palm Leaves

Please watch Helen's video for instructions on how to make your own palm praise leaves at home! All that's needed is some paper, pens or pencils and a pair of scissors.

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