Sister Act

Mission Statement: 
Sister Act has been set up with a vision of uniting all the women in
the Church together. The program has been set up in hope that we
encourage each other in both our spiritual and social lives.
Welcome ladies to a new year full of possibilities and new visions! As part of God’s family at St Paul’s, we women have a lot to offer one another and “Sister Act” is one way of encouraging us to get to know each other better. We have put together a program which we hope will appeal to you. Please select the Sister Act Calendar from the menu above t see what we are up to over the coming months.
We will normally meet the 3rd Thursday of each month at different venues and a small subscription of £2.00 would be appreciated to cover costs.
These are just a time to get together and have some fun. They are based @ various addresses which are named on the program. It starts at 8pm and runs till 10pm.
Captivating DVD Sessions: 
These are DVD set specifically designed for women to inspire them to become God’s captivating women.
Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB): 
We have arranged times to go up to HTB in London where we can just go and receive. This time is perfect (but not exclusive to) women who are involved in various areas of the church and need time for just them and God without their current commitments. If you wish to join us please meet at Orpington station on the dates overleaf ready to catch the 17:36 train.
Please click the tabs under ‘Women’ button to find out more about these other groups. We ask, if you can, to bring a suggested donation of £2 to the socials to help subsidise the costs of drinks and nibbles etc.
For further information about Sister Act please contact 
Sue Gray or Di Stewart on