Equipping disciples to make disciples

Freedom in Christ is a course for Christians to help them find their spiritual freedom in Christ – release from personal and spiritual conflicts, freedom from sin and the negative programming of your past, freedom from the damaging effects of guilt and unforgiveness.
If you have already completed an Alpha course and are looking for a discipleship course to widen your experience of the work of the cross in your own life, then contact our church office to find out details of our next course.

Make fruitful disciples (not just converts)

Frustrated that so many Christians fail to reach their potential? Looking for a great way to help new Christians get off to a flying start? Want a course to follow Alpha or Christianity Explored?

The award-winning Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course is a proven and effective way for churches to help Christians become fruitful disciples. It's been used by over 150,000 people in the UK.

LIVE out your new identity in Christ
BREAK through your spiritual maturity
UNCOVER strongholds and deceptions
RESOLVE issue from the past
BECOME genuinely fruitful disciples

Freedom in Christ (FIC) discipleship course

2011 saw the rollout of a new discipleship course at St Paul’s, Freedom in Christ (FIC) spearheaded by Bill London. For some time we had been looking for a course for Christians to help them find their spiritual freedom in Christ – release from personal and spiritual conflicts, freedom from sin and the negative programming of your past, freedom from the damaging effects of guilt and unforgiveness. Trialled in two house groups initially and then a church-based course, the FIC course (and the Steps to FIC at the heart of it have) resulted in these responses on the FIC testimony page:

Below are some of the testimonies of people who have done the Freedom in Christ course.

“I really enjoyed the course and have greatly benefitted from it.. I have learnt to apply biblical truths in a practical way that I was battling with before…”

“This course I think is an essential for any believer who wants to let the brakes off and get moving. The circumstances surrounding me joining this group are so crazy, it was definitely God leading me to it, and if God approves of it, I then it must be good! It has been the fuel for my spiritual car!”

“Thank you, the FIC discipleship course helped me regain focus on what really matters. I have renewed my faith, and it has helped me dump a lot of rubbish out of my life. I intend to grow deeper in the truth God has for me…” 

“Thanks for running such an amazing course. I really wish I was offered this course when I first became a Christian I know it would have saved me so many needless hours of worry, anxiety and confusion! Thank you!”

“Thank you for hosting and running FIC. I came to the course already convinced of the importance in allowing God to peel off the layers in our lives that keep us from truly knowing who WE are in Christ. It is a journey and I am so grateful for this course which gives ways of allowing God’s word to work deeply in our lives. I have personally found myself growing in confidence in my identity in Christ and knowing His love for me freeing me from being myself (not someone else!). Each of us is so tremendously valued by God and I would strongly recommend this course to anyone, however long they’ve been a Christian, as a way of reviewing your walk with God and breaking patterns of thinking (which may be hindering God’s calling on your life). It is worth the time and effort…"

“It’s been a real blessing to serve on this course: my own faith has grown as I’ve seen God work in the lives of those on the course…”

“It’s changed my understanding, so I can handle situations better.”

“This course has literally saved my life, put me back on course and although I thought I knew all this stuff in my head, I wasn’t living in this TRUTH. Now I am clinging on in the midst of Divorce and financial crisis to the TRUTH he loves me and is with me and I am free to be me” 

“This has come at the perfect time for me. I have held on to unforgiveness and painful hurt caused by a close friend for years. During the course I forgave her in my heart and feel really free and at peace and, to top it all, I am seeing her for the first time for years this week and I feel really ok about it.  I can’t thank you enough for this course.”

“I thought a 13-week course would be impossible given my busyness… I found myself looking forward to the next week…”

“I never thought I had any prejudice to deal with until today…”

“I think I must have been pretty free. Having had the benefit of loving parents, a secure marriage and CHRIST, what more could I need? I do appreciate this could be so beneficial for folks who have not had the benefit of the love and security I have been blessed with though.”

“The tormenting dreams I have been having are no longer tormenting…”

“I’ve been waiting several years to deal with some issues, and now they are dealt with.”

“I was really lifted and encouraged following the Steps day…”

“I want to do the course again to deepen my understanding…”

“What can I say!  Our GOD is so amazing. I have learned so much, feel free and having the love and support of such a small group of women who I could share dark secrets with and know it was confidential was amazing. I love this group and I love my amazing Jesus”

“I feel free, I feel lighter…” 

“I now understand forgiveness properly…..”

“Although I thought I knew freedom the Holy Spirit showed me areas of hurt and ways of thinking I had become used to that impacted my behaviour in trying to control situations and people. This is not a healthy way to live and I know that now undertaking a further 21-day journal I bought will help me stay in this new freedom from the desire to control and manipulate my way through life.”

“This is what I have needed for years…”

Impressed? If you’d like to know when the next Freedom in Christ course is, please contact the Church Office on 01689 850697 or email

If enough people ask we’ll put on an extra course!

Why not indicate your interest by downloading this PDF booking form and sending back to the church office. As Steve Goss, Director (FIC), says the Steps to Freedom in Christ (within the main course) is a wonderfully refreshing spiritual check-up for every Christian used on a regular basis; it clears away the spiritual cobwebs and helps you connect with Jesus.