LENT COURSE 2018 20th February to 27th March

Our Lent course this year will run every Tuesday evening from 7.45 pm until 9.15 pm every Tuesday between 20th February and 27th March inclusively. We encourage our house groups to attend and sit together in order to minister to one another during the response times. If you are not in a house group, come along anyway and we will connect you with one.

Faith and Keeping it alive!




20 February
Ali Lavender
Session One
27 February
Stephen Russell-Smith
Session Two
6 March
Songyan Sui
Session Three
13 March
Sue Jeremy
Session Four
20 March
Val Burnett
Session Five
20 March
Ed Boyden
Session Six

The evenings will start at 7.45 pm in church with coffee/tea for those who would like it. 8.00 pm a start with prayer and song[s] and end with a song/prayer at 9.30 pm. We encourage all house groups to make this their main activity during Lent and they will be able to sit and discuss in their groups. We invite everyone whether in a house group or not, to come join us on this journey.